Red Rock Offroad & Performance is continually striving to be the best resource in the conversion market by constantly developing new products, as well as improving on some existing products, methods, and solutions available in the 'conversion market' now. We currently have many new 'Patent Pending' parts available that have been developed out of hands on experiences, and even more products in research and development. A few of these new products are specifically related to making the Jeep engine swaps even easier, a few others designed for the off road industry, some for the trailer world and of course a few for the police/emergency vehicle industry. With any of our products, they all have 1 factor in common-they are all designed to save you something more valuable than money..... TIME. 

******* Extra Extra.... Read All About It!!!****** 
No seriously, read all about it. We have drafted the only one known in existence... YES! The ONLY  Jeep TJ Hemi Conversion Guide! They are 'almost'  step by step outlines for the 'do-it-yourself driveway installers' regarding the installation of the common 2003-2008 Gen3 Hemi and 545RFE automatic transmission OR the Gen 3 Hemi and 5 Speed Manual Transmission, into the 1997-2006 Jeep TJ or LJ Chassis.  The Guides are packed full of information and answer 99% of all the questions regarding a HEMI TJ install. The Guides follow the same steps and process that our staff uses when performing this swap back in the shop. From starting with a stock jeep to test firing and testing the newly installed Hemi, its in there!  It is loaded with information, pictures and even some hard to find connector pin outs! All designed to help during the process. The Guide should be your
1st purchase when considering a HEMI swap!

SAVE TIME..... Right from the start of your project, would you rather read 1 informative guide or spend HOURS scouring the web and trying to figure it out? 
SAVE MONEY....By avoiding mistakes like buying the wrong engine, overpaying for something you really dont need....

                                                   Click hereto order your guide today!

HERE THEY ARE... THE "KITS."   We just made V8 Installs easy....!!!!

The Red Rock Off Road's exclusive  HEMI Stage1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Install Kits for the 97-06 Jeep Wranglers are available!  We now have kits and components out for the JK /JKU HEMI Conversions too!

The Stage 1 kit for either the LS or HEMI will include the basic pieces to get any LS or HEMI series motor in your Jeep faster and easier than ever before. No searching the net, no hoping parts will fit together, no headaches.... The Kit includes all the necessary pieces to install the new HEMI driveline between the frame rails and get all the 'key' fluid systems plumbed like the Cooling System, Fuel System, Automatic Transmission Lines and Cooler, Heater System and Power Steering System.  WIth all these pieces and the right set of tools, you should be able to have the New HEMI driveline sitting securely between the frame rails and all these systems plumbed in a weekend.. No Joke!!! 

CLICK HERE!for more information on the Stage 1, 2 and 3 V8 Conversion TJ/LJ Kits.

CLICK HERE! for more information on the JK/JKU HEMI Conversion Kits


Our newest solution to meeting the demands of the new V8 engines, we believe is the Best To Date!!! Our Fuel System is the easiest and most direct replacement kit on the market!  Our Fuel System Kit delivers the required 59psi that both the HEMI and LS engines require, is internally regulated with an internal fuel basket for startup and off-camber situations to eliminate fuel starvation and provides the correct fuel level signal for the HEMI ECU or an aftermarket Jeep based fuel gauge at the cluster. 

Our 97-04 TJ Fuel System comes with EVERYTHING you need to install a proper 'retro-fit' fuel delivery system into your Jeep when doing an LS or HEMI conversion. No need for ordering parts from 3 different places and then several trips to the hardware or auto parts store for that 'specific fitting' or more hose! We have designed this system with function and cost as the base requirements! We put it all in one kit that makes installation a snap and works like factory when done. The kit includes our new 'Drop-In' fuel pump assembly, EFI adapter fittings,  all new 3/8" Rock-Loc Fuel lines, all the correct line fittings and even new clamps to secure it to the frame.

Some kits on the market are based on re-using the stock 5/16" fuel line and just give you a handful of adapter lines and fittings.  The stock line can carry the pressure however, it has proven in-adequate in delivering the 'Volume' the V8's require.  This is a known and proven fact.

Don't starve your engine, do it right...feed it right with our Red Rock Fuel Kit!







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