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GM LSX SERIES Engine Conversions...
For our Chevrolet Fans out there, the Red Rock Rod Shop  is also your source for the GM LS Series V8 Engine Conversion into your CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ  Wrangler.  The GM LS Engines are well supported by the aftermarket industry and are practical candidates for a conversion driveline. The LS motors, [4.8, 5.3,5.7, 6.0 and new 6.2,] and the 4L60e transmissions are readily available and provide a fantastic platform for a V8 swap into your Jeep. If you don't have to follow strict emissions regulations or are building the ultimate trail rig, the GM LS V8 is a great option.

We do recommend when doing a GM LS Series engine swap that you consider a few things...like.... going to aftermarket gauges right from the start. Doing this will eliminate hours of your build time, dual computer set up and wiring time, additional costs of 'add-on' modules, running dual sensors all over the motor including the daunting and costly task of running dual VSS in the system.  We have found that even with the cost of the aftermarket Gauge and Cluster Kits factored into the build, going with this style build plan, is still cheaper than any other route, especially when the swap is properly designed/planned before you yank the first bolt out. 

We like doing the LS Conversion almost as much as the HEMI Conversions. The LS swap, with its need for aftermarket gauges, allows us and the D-I-Y builder, alittle bit of personalization, found in the ability to select the gauge appearance. 

We have crafted a new shifter gate plate, that with some mild modification to the stock Jeep auto-shifter assembly and our shifter cable set up, that allows the stock Jeep Shifter to operate the 4l60e, even with its reversed gated shifter. 

The Costs of a Turn-Key LS Swap are practical and some parts can easily be sourced 'used' which helps with the budget.  

We currently have a new 4L60E to NP231J Adapter in the R & D stages now. We believe that we will be able to offer this adapter with more design features built into it than any single piece currently on the market, at a competitive price, and be easy to install.

1997-2006 Jeep TJ/LJ Wrangler HEMI and LS Engine Conversions 

Red Rock Offroad specializes in HEMI and LS Conversions into the Jeep TJ/LJ Chassis. We have the install down to a science. As a result of our continued interest in this conversion, we have developed new products and streamlined the process. In addition to our Turn-Key Installation services, we are proud to offer something special for our D-I-Y guys and gals so you can get the same quality install in your driveway if you want to take on the conversion challenge: Installation Box Kits!!!

When your considering swapping a V8 into your TJ or LJ, give us a call! We can build your Turn-Key Project or help you plan your project so that you spend less time building and more time enjoying!!!! 

Check out the Jeep Build Link Page for some V8 conversion test fire/test run open header videos for a little extra motivation!

​GEN 3 and GEN 4 5.7 HEMI's
Unlike the other shops and manufacturers out there that have left the TJ/LJ V8 Swap to the wayside for the new JK Wrangler, we are still in full force when it comes to V8 conversions for the TJ/LJ Wranglers.  We have pushed ourselves further and after hours of installs and trials, we have designed and created new parts to make the HEMI conversion even easier, safer, and faster.  From having our own conversion radiator built to our specifications, to re-designing our fuel system with a resulting fuel system that has only 2 connections and installs in no time, we keep pushing forward.  We are on our 2nd Generation Independent Transmission Crossmember Assembly. While our 1st design was awesome, our second design has even more features than the 1st! It now has added features like 4" of height adjustability, and over 10" of frame width adjustment so it can be used on any year Jeep frame, with almost any Skid Plate.

**Sept 2015** For those who don't already know.....    
We have completed quite a few of the coveted HEMI 5 Speed Conversions into the Jeep TJ/LJ and yes, RUBICONs too. This conversion mates the HEMI to the stock JEEP NV3550 5 Speed Transmission with our conversion component kit!  We have several completed conversions out on streets, on the trails and even across Canada. The short story....They're rockin' it out!!! As they are rippin' though the gears!!!!!!
IF YOU DIDNT SEE IT.....Our DIY 5.7/auto TJ hemi swap guide and hemi 5 speed guide are ready and available!


Red Rock Offroad is dusting the competition when it comes to HEMI conversions for your TJ/LJ Wrangler.  From a stock Hemi to an SRT8 6.1 or 6.4 Hemi, we can put the power under your hood you have been looking for and only dreaming about until now. Whether its a 'Hot Rod' style install or full factory appearance install, Red Rock can make it happen. 

If you need to pass emissions regulations, the Hemi is the most viable V8 swap option for you to stay within most States rules.  The Hemi can be set up and installed to pass emissions, both in function and application.

We can source a drivetrain for your swap or you can bring us your own. We also offer in house wiring services to convert your donor  and existing wire harnesses for the swap.

Red Rock Offroad is one of the few shops in the country that has completed a fully functional Dodge Ram 390hp 5.7 EAGLE Hemi Conversion with functioning VVT, MDS and the Variable Short Runner System into the Jeep TJ platform.  We also currently have a Gauge and Cluster Kit that is compatible with the 2009 and newer, Dodge CAN BUS communication system. 

You will never lose value in your Jeep by installing a HEMI....!!! 

Lets face the truth... OWNING A HEMI POWERED JEEP.... PRICELESS!!!!!